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How To Install Document Toolkit Using NuGet

The Document Toolkit binaries are distributed using NuGet. NuGet makes it super easy to manage references to Document Toolkit binaries. The following step-by-step tutorial explains how to use NuGet to add and update project references to the Document Toolkit binaries.

1) Make sure you have NuGet installed. Instructions and download at

2) If you haven't done so already, add the First Floor Software package source.
2.1) Launch Visual Studio 2010 and go to Tools > Library Package Manager > Package Manager Settings
2.2) Add a new package source. Name: First Floor Software packages, source:
2.3) Select Ok to close the Options dialog.
3) Create a new Silverlight 5 (or 4) project

4) Right-click the project references and select Add Library Package Reference...

5) Select the First Floor Software packages source and install/update/remove the package references you need.


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