How To Register A License Key

Document Toolkit for LightSwitch is a commercial product. You need to purchase a license if you want to use the control extension in production. Unregistered Document Toolkit extensions will display a watermark on each page.

Important: the Document Toolkit for LightSwitch license is limited for use in LightSwitch applications only. You cannot use the Document Toolkit for LightSwitch license with other Silverlight application types.

1) Purchase a Document Toolkit license. Document Toolkit licensing details are found on the Document Toolkit purchase page. Document Toolkit LightSwitch, Developer and Site licenses can be used in LightSwitch applications.

Once a purchase has completed you will receive by email a license key in the form of a small XML file. The license key looks like this:

<License Code="doctoolkit-light" Quantity="1" Date="2011-07-04" Signature="[long string]">
  <Licensee Name="John Smith" />

2) Open your LightSwitch application in Visual Studio LightSwitch and navigate to the properties of the DocumentViewer instance you want to register. The properties include an entry for the license key.


3) Open the license.xml in Notepad (or similar text editor) and remove all newlines from the license key so that the license key fits on a single line. Your license key should look like this

<License Code="doctoolkit-light" Quantity="1" Date="2011-07-04" Signature="[long string]"><Licensee Name="John Smith" /></License>

This step is necessary since the License Key input field in the Properties pane in the LightSwitch designer doesn't allow multi-line input.

Note: do not use Internet Explorer to view and copy the license key, IE changes the order of the license attributes and makes it invalid

4) Copy the single line from your text editor and paste it in the License Key input field.

5) Run the application and the evaluation watermark is no longer visible. When an invalid license key is specified, a warning is displayed.


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slholmes Oct 15, 2011 at 5:15 PM 
Just purchased. Couldn't be happier. Awesome control for Lightswitch.

kozw Jul 12, 2011 at 10:24 AM 
Thank you for choosing Document Toolkit. The attribute order is changed when you view the key in a browser such as IE. If you open the key with notepad you'll notice that the attribute order is equal to the description above. I've updated the tutorial based on your feedback. Thanks!

mribeiral Jul 11, 2011 at 6:35 PM 
I have just purchased it. The xml that comes attached in the e-mail brings the license signature first and did not work. I reordered according to the order above and it worked fine. It would be nice if the xml came in the correct order, though.