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What is Document Toolkit for LightSwitch?

Document Toolkit for LightSwitch is a control extension for LightSwitch. It extends Document Toolkit for use in LightSwitch applications.


Document Toolkit for LightSwitch includes the following configurable set of features:
  • Highly optimized viewer experience using just-in-time page loading and unloading
  • Thumbnails
  • Page navigator
  • Configurable zoom and layout buttons
  • Printing
  • Text selection
  • Non-intrusive notification messages
  • Extensible command bar
  • Automatic participation in LightSwitch themes. The look and feel is equal to native LightSwitch controls.

Document support

Document Toolkit natively supports XPS and PDF documents. Support for other document types is achieved by converting these documents to XPS on-the-fly.
  • XPS documents
  • PDF documents (limited, see Known limitations)
  • Microsoft Office documents
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Publisher publications
    • Excel sheets
    • Visio documents
    • Word documents

Known limitations

Viewing Office documents relies on the Save As XPS feature of Microsoft Office. The feature requires a local installation of Microsoft Office 2007 and the Save As XPS add-in or Microsoft Office 2010. Older Microsoft Office versions are not supported. Additionally the LightSwitch application must be deployed as desktop application with elevated permissions. A solution to enable Office document display for web applications and scenarios where Office is not available is described in the tutorial How To Display Office Documents When Office is Unavailable.

In order to prevent performance issues, document display is limited to a 1000 pages per document.

The PDF render engine is currently in experimental state. Correct rendering is not guaranteed. A warning notification is displayed when rendering PDF documents. Document Toolkit currently works best with PDF documents that contain embedded OpenType fonts. Massive improvements in the PDF render engine are being made.


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