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PdfDocumentReader unable to read PDF

Hi Kozw, We are using DocumentDataSource in our project and trying to read a PDF document. Earlier we were using XPS document and everything except for range printing was working fine. In another ...

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Printing select pages from the middle of a PDF not working

Hi There, I am using DocumentPrinter to print PDF files using XPS. I am NOT able to print in following cases - 1) All pages when document is of size 4Mb+ and number of pages is more than 10. 2) P...

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Error when preview pdf

When i view a pdf document i receive this error. Could not cast value of type 'System.String' to 'System.Byte[]' Help me please

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XPS Rendering only partially successful

Hallo, we are aiming to use the Document Toolkit in a Silverlight 5 application to Display XPS files. The code is simple and programmed as in the example in the documentation. In the attached zip t...

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Opening Document Issue

When I am using the code to open document and get file path I am getting this error Path is ambiguous please help me Visual Studio 2013 Preview and unable to use document tool kit I want to buy i...

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problems opening this document

I have problems opening the attached xps document in the silverlight viewer When i tried to bind the resource this.Loaded += (o, e) => { this.DataSource.PackageReader =...

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word read Exception?

Capture System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException   Message = Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A1066   ErrorCode = -2146824090   StackTrace:        MS.Internal.ComAutomation.ComAutomationNative.Check...

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Won't open PDF file.

Ho, It will opem MS Word generated PDF file, but not others. I used Simple Document Viewer online app fot quick test. It is trying to open file but then the whole screen goes blank in IE (app hangs...

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PDF reader exception

Certain types of PDF files are converted to XPS but the XPS itself causes an exception when the document viewer tries to render it. Attached is one of several such documents, each giving rise to a...

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Exception while uploading pdf

Try to upload attached pdf file, for example on   see exception: Failed to create package reader FirstFloor.Documents.Pd...

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