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The Document Toolkit Extensions project uses the following external components;

Silverlight Toolkit (April 2010 release)
Various controls of the Silverlight Toolkit are used to demonstrate the features of Document Toolkit in the Document Toolkit sample browser.

Silverlight 4 Application Themes
The theme used in the Sample Browser application is the (slightly modified) Cosmopolitan theme.

Aspose.Words performs on-the-fly conversion of documents to XPS. Aspose.Words is a commercial, closed-source product, not affiliated with First Floor Software. In order to demonstrate the use of Aspose.Words, you'll need to download a trial version from the above url.

A Silverlight port of DotNetZip is included providing a fast IPackageReader implementation available under Microsoft Public License.

A Silverlight port of the SharpZipLib library provides a fast IPackageReader implementation available under a modified GPL license.

Book Control
The demonstrated Silverlight Book Control is an open source project created by Mitsu Furuta.

Open Source Fonts
The fonts included in the sample browser are taken from the collection of open source fonts of the The League of Moveable Type.

Silk Icons
The SampleBrowser application includes a number of icons taken from the excellent and free Silk Icon set created by Mark James.

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