How To Install Document Toolkit for LightSwitch

Important: Document Toolkit for LightSwitch is a commercial product. You need to purchase a license if you want to use the control extension in production. License details are found at Document Toolkit purchase page. Unregistered Document Toolkit extensions will display a watermark on each page.

The Document Toolkit for LightSwitch extension is available in the online Visual Studio gallery. The following step-by-step tutorial explains how to install the extension and how to enable the extension in your LightSwitch application.

1) Start Visual Studio 2010 and open the Extension Manager (Tools > Extension Manager...)

2) Select Online Gallery and search for lightswitch


3) Select Download to download and install Document Toolkit for LightSwitch.


4) Close the Extension Manager and restart Visual Studio.

5) Create a new or open an existing LightSwitch project.

6) Right-mouse click the project in the Solution Explorer and select Properties.

7) Select the Extensions tab and enable the Document Toolkit for LightSwitch extension for your project by clicking the checkbox next to the extension name.


And that's it, Document Toolkit for LightSwitch is now installed and enabled in your LightSwitch application.

Next step: How To Use The DocumentViewer to learn more about using the Document Toolkit extension.

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